Foul, Nasty School Lunch!

A closer look at what school children are eating!

“Light Alternative” aka Vegetarian Option.

I haven’t really done random blogs yet, but I think I should start because we are offered a lot of different alternatives daily.  Our school doesn’t really have a “Vegetarian Option”, just a “light alternative”.  This normally consists of carrots, fruit (an orange or apple,) graham crackers, and peanuts.  Although it seems healthy, it isn’t filling whatsoever.  I have a vegetarian friend who practically starves everyday because of the lack of food she receives.  Everyday it’s either this or a salad, which is about as filling as the alternative.  I think it’s ridiculous that most schools don’t offer full vegetarian meals, at least to the students who request it.  If your child was a vegetarian, would you want them to eat this everyday?


April 16, 2010 Posted by | Lunch, Student Opinion | 11 Comments