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Monday 4/26 – Thursday 4/29

I haven’t been posting this week, mainly because I don’t have my camera, and taking pictures with my phone and getting them to my computer is pretty tedious. I will be getting my camera this weekend though, so I can start posting daily next week. This week, we ate the same cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, tacos, etc.

Tomorrow I plan on posting another student opinion article in place of this weeks lunch. I will also be answering all questions in tomorrows post, so if you have any, feel free to ask!

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I got some questions in the comments today, so I decided to reply to them. If you guys have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Does anyone ask why you are taking pictures of your lunch?
-Haha yeah, all the time.  I have to explain myself at least twice a day!

Does your school board have a website with school menu and nutrition information for each selection?
-We do have a website with the breakfast/lunch menu on it, but no nutritional information is shown.  The menu has a “meal of the month” with a “calorie analysis” (I just noticed this.) I’ll most likely start posting them.

Do you have the option to bring your lunch on the days you know you wont like what is served?
-Yes, we have the option of bringing our lunch.  But most families around here cannot afford to buy their children lunch daily, as our school breakfast and lunch is 100% free.

Also is it possible to talk to the lunchroom staff and have them cut your apple up?
-If I ask for it to be cut up, then other students will, and the lunch ladies will go mad! The culinary room is off of the cafeteria, so I may just go there to cut my apples whenever necessary.

Do they actually cook anything that is served to you all or does your school kitchen just open packages and reheat?
-I’ve been in the room where school lunch is prepared, and none of it looks like anything you’d use to actually cook something.  It all looks like heat-up ovens and big pots (for things like soup.)  I’m not 100% sure whether anything is actually cooked or not, though.

Why don’t you ever eat the fruit?
-I’m not a big fan of packaged fruit… and peaches everyday would get pretty sickening after awhile.

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Grab your trays!

Welcome to Foul, Nasty School Lunch!  This blog is dedicated to informing anyone who cares about what children nowadays are being fed on a daily basis.  This is not a “bash site”, we have no intentions of “bashing” or hurting anyone’s feelings.  I feel that as a student, something needs to be done about school lunches.  So every day that I attend school, I am going to blog (with pictures) about the food (or whatever you call it) that is being served.  Good or bad.  I am also going to include other student opinions as much as possible.

At my school, breakfast and lunch are free.  We normally have four options for breakfast and lunch, but sometimes the number of options vary.  For breakfast — there are two main dishes, which both normally come with a fruit cup and milk.  The alternative is either cereal and milk, or yogurt and graham crackers with milk.  I don’t know where to start when it comes to listing a normal lunch at our school, because food is always running out, and side-dishes are always being reused.  So I’m not very surprised when yesterday’s ham sandwiches become today’s breakfast — ham and biscuit.  Yummm. I like my ham crusty.

We also have a separate line at lunch called the “À la Carte”, which sells things like chips, nachos, pizza, slushies, and anything else unhealthy you can think of.  Most students at the school take this option instead of school lunch, which is, dare I say, a more unhealthy route than the mystery meat in the lunch line!  And to make matters worse, most of the food/drinks sold are far too overpriced.  Do you like the idea of your son/daughter eating a greasy slice of pizza, rice crispy treats, a large slushie, and four cookies for lunch everyday?  All of that added together would equal about $5.00 or more a day.  That’s $25 a week.  Just to escape lunch-line food that is served every day.

I’m not so willing to spend $25 a week on food, when the school food is offered free of charge.  If only the majority of school food was actually edible, it would be a win-win situation. .

What are your thoughts on school food?  What is a normal meal for you at school?

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