Foul, Nasty School Lunch!

A closer look at what school children are eating!

“Light Alternative” aka Vegetarian Option.

I haven’t really done random blogs yet, but I think I should start because we are offered a lot of different alternatives daily.  Our school doesn’t really have a “Vegetarian Option”, just a “light alternative”.  This normally consists of carrots, fruit (an orange or apple,) graham crackers, and peanuts.  Although it seems healthy, it isn’t filling whatsoever.  I have a vegetarian friend who practically starves everyday because of the lack of food she receives.  Everyday it’s either this or a salad, which is about as filling as the alternative.  I think it’s ridiculous that most schools don’t offer full vegetarian meals, at least to the students who request it.  If your child was a vegetarian, would you want them to eat this everyday?


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Today’s breakfast menu: Sausage and biscuit with gravy, fresh fruit cup, and milk.

It’s funny how one thing can make something so much better.  I’m completely fine with the sausage and biscuit when gravy comes with it.  It was really good!  No fruit cup again today though.  Overall rating: 7

Today’s lunch menu: Chicken sandwich, baked potato, broccoli, and milk.

The chicken sandwich was good today, the bun was soft (not rock solid!)  The baked potato came with butter and sour cream, which is all I need.  I’m just guessing the stuff in the cup is broccoli, because I have no idea what else it could be…. Overall rating: 6

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Today’s lunch menu: Chicken, cornbread, rice with gravy, apple, and milk.

I got to school late today, so I missed breakfast.  I don’t really like this chicken much.  It’s very greasy.  All the kids are crazy for it though. The cornbread is good when salt is added, and the rice was okay. I couldn’t eat the apple. Overall rating: 6

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Today’s breakfast: Cereal, grits, grape juice, and milk.

I decided to chose the alternative today, because we had sausage biscuits again.  We actually have a lot of different types of cereal offered, and all of them are reduced sugar!  (A picture of the nutrition information below.) A little bowl of cereal isn’t that filling though. I didn’t get any grits because I wasn’t very hungry, and I don’t think grits would go well with cereal anyways.  The grape juice was pretty good also, it wasn’t frozen or warm. Overall rating: 6

Today’s lunch menu: Cheeseburger, beans, apple, oatmeal cookie, and milk.

We got desert today! :) The only things I ate off the plate were the burger and cookie.  The beans looked gross, and I cannot bite whole apples due to a jaw disorder. I wish they would slice the fruit or something. Overall rating: 6

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Today’s breakfast menu: Breakfast pizza, fresh fruit cup, and milk.

Breakfast pizza again. Still the same greasy, chewy-ness.  And I did not even look at the fruit cup. Overall rating: 4

Today’s lunch menu: Chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, mixed fruit cup, roll, and milk.

I actually like the schools chicken nuggets.  I just don’t like the fact that we only get five of them.  The macaroni was good and cheesy! The roll was a bit bland, but we got butter with it, which made it taste a lot better.  I love the mixed fruit cups also! Overall rating: 7

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