Foul, Nasty School Lunch!

A closer look at what school children are eating!


Today’s breakfast menu: Breakfast pizza, fresh fruit cup, and milk.

Breakfast pizza again. Still the same greasy, chewy-ness.  And I did not even look at the fruit cup. Overall rating: 4

Today’s lunch menu: Chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, mixed fruit cup, roll, and milk.

I actually like the schools chicken nuggets.  I just don’t like the fact that we only get five of them.  The macaroni was good and cheesy! The roll was a bit bland, but we got butter with it, which made it taste a lot better.  I love the mixed fruit cups also! Overall rating: 7


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Today’s breakfast menu: Pancake, sausage, fruit cup, and milk.

The pancake was whole wheat, and was very tasteless… the syrup didn’t even help.  The sausage was good, but absolutely drenched in grease.  (Pictured below.)  Again, the fruit cup remained untouched.  Overall rating: 4

Today’s lunch menu:  Pepperoni pizza, trail mix, “fresh” side salad, and milk.

The pizza was okay, it looked very funny though.  The trail mix was peanuts, raisins, and marshmallows… not my idea of “trail” mix.  The “fresh side salad” consisted of lettuce.  Yes, it was mearly a cup of lettuce.  There wasn’t even any ranch dressing to go with it.  Go figure.  Overall rating: 4

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Today’s breakfast menu:  Steak and cheese biscuit, fruit cup, and milk.

This steak biscuit looked appealing at first, but when I looked closer I realized that there was no bottom to the biscuit.  It was half a biscuit on top of steak and cheese, with no bottom. (Pictured below.)  I didn’t get the fruit cup this time because I never eat them anyways.  I didn’t like the steak as much as I thought I would, it was very bland. Overall rating: 3

Today’s lunch menu:  Chicken sandwich, potato triangle, green beans, orange jello, and milk.

Like the cheeseburgers, I cannot tell you the exact taste of the chicken sandwich because I smother mine in mayonaise and ketchup.  The potato triangle is similar to a hashbrown, and it’s pretty good.  The jello tasted like there wasn’t enough sugar in it, and the green beans were falling apart.  Overall rating: 5

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Today’s breakfast menu: Sausage, egg, and cheese muffin, fresh fruit cup, and milk.

I couldn’t even finish the whole sausage muffin thing, it tasted very weird.  The majority of students I asked said they really liked it though, so maybe my taste buds are just weird.  Like always, I didn’t even attempt to eat the fruit.  Not very filling or nutritious. Overall rating: 4

Today’s lunch menu: Double cheese crust pizza, blueberries, and milk.

Round two with the blueberries… and again they were sour. Hmmm. Maybe that’s why the whipped creme was put on it….? I really liked this pizza though.  It wasn’t greasy, or plastic tasting.  It’s definitely better than the normal pizza served at our school.  It went over very well with the students.  Overall rating: 6

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Today’s breakfast menu: Pancake with sausage, grits, pineapple juice, and milk.

This is the kind of breakfast that needs to be served on a daily basis!  There’s lots of variety, and it was very filling.  The pancake was also whole wheat – a healthier choice.  The sausage was pretty dry though, but the grits were good and came with butter.  I also like the fact that the juice was pineapple, not the regular orange or apple.  Overall rating: 7

Today’s lunch menu: Cheeseburger, roll, “trail mix”, and milk.

A plain lunch.  I didn’t get the roll because they were out by the time I got to the line.  I cannot rate the taste of the burger too well because I smothered mine in mayonnaise and ketchup.  The trail mix is basically nuts, raisins and marshmallows, and I did not eat it.  Kids in the lunchroom were walking around begging for them though, so I guess they’re good.  The alternative lunch today was sliced pizza, but I’m too pizza-ed out.  Pictured below is a normal salad served at our school.  The salad is very small, and comes with crackers, some type of meat, cheese, and dressing. Overall rating: 5

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 Today’s breakfast menu: Sasuage and biscuit, fresh fruit cup, and milk.

This is served way too often!  Again, the meat was still very tasteless and greasy, although the biscuit wasn’t solid this time.  My fruit was completely frozen solid (as shown below), so of course I didn’t even attempt. Overall rating: 3

Today’s lunch menu: tacos with meat, “mexican” rice, apple, and milk.

A very messy meal.  The taco came with sour cream, cheese, and taco sauce.  The tortilla is whole wheat, and fell apart very easily.  One of my tortillas just broke apart when I picked it up, so I only had one.  The meat was insanely too greasy, but it didn’t taste too bad.  The rice wasn’t “mexican” rice, it was just plain white rice.  Overall rating: 5

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Today’s breakfast menu: Sasuage and biscuit, orange, and milk.

Today we had a “spirit day”, which was kind of like a field day, so we had a quick breakfast and a bag lunch that I did not get a photo of.  Today’s breakfast was pretty bland, the sasuage was tough and tasteless, and the buscuit was rock-solid.  I also didn’t even bother with the orange, I’m too lazy to peel it. Overall rating: 3

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Today’s breakfast menu: breakfast burrito, fruit cup (apricots), and milk.

I wonder whos idea it was to make school breakfast resemble lunch/dinner foods.  First pizza, now burritos.  The burrito tastes too artificial, and the ingredients list (pictured below) is just insane!  I didn’t even attempt to eat the fruit, and the milk tastes the same as always. Overall rating: 3

Today’s lunch menu:  Sweet and sour chicken with rice, mini egg roll, green apple, and milk.

There’s finally some variety in our lunch!  There was a lot of great feedback about this Asian dish.  The box with chicken and rice in it was at least 3/4 full, so it was very filling and tasteful.  The alternative was a chicken sandwich and maccaroni, but the majority of students tried the sweet and sour chicken.  The eggroll didn’t seem like school food to me, either.  Hopefully we’ll have more lunches like this! Overall rating: 8

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Today’s breakfast menu: breakfast pizza, blueberry cup, and milk.

I find the idea of a breakfast pizza rather odd.  Especially since it’s on a bagel… but students seem to like it.  I think it’s too greasy.  And this was the first time I’ve ever tried blueberries, and they were so sour!  I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be sweet.  The milk was weird  tasting, but it always tastes strange to me.  Overall, this breakfast isn’t that great.  It’s not filling, and eating all that grease in the morning is gross and unhealthy. Overall rating: 4

Today’s lunch menu: spaghetti with meat sauce, fresh “side salad”, fresh fruit (cinnamon apples), garlic bread, and milk.

Surprisingly, this lunch was actually normal-sized, and seemed pretty filling.  I’m not the biggest fan of spaghetti, but I managed to eat enough to put on the garlic bread.  I didn’t eat the apples, or the “fresh side salad” aka lettuce with ranch dressing.  A friend of mine said he kept finding crunchy things in the apples.  Hmm.  Pictured below is the “salad” served.  Overall rating: 6

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Grab your trays!

Welcome to Foul, Nasty School Lunch!  This blog is dedicated to informing anyone who cares about what children nowadays are being fed on a daily basis.  This is not a “bash site”, we have no intentions of “bashing” or hurting anyone’s feelings.  I feel that as a student, something needs to be done about school lunches.  So every day that I attend school, I am going to blog (with pictures) about the food (or whatever you call it) that is being served.  Good or bad.  I am also going to include other student opinions as much as possible.

At my school, breakfast and lunch are free.  We normally have four options for breakfast and lunch, but sometimes the number of options vary.  For breakfast — there are two main dishes, which both normally come with a fruit cup and milk.  The alternative is either cereal and milk, or yogurt and graham crackers with milk.  I don’t know where to start when it comes to listing a normal lunch at our school, because food is always running out, and side-dishes are always being reused.  So I’m not very surprised when yesterday’s ham sandwiches become today’s breakfast — ham and biscuit.  Yummm. I like my ham crusty.

We also have a separate line at lunch called the “À la Carte”, which sells things like chips, nachos, pizza, slushies, and anything else unhealthy you can think of.  Most students at the school take this option instead of school lunch, which is, dare I say, a more unhealthy route than the mystery meat in the lunch line!  And to make matters worse, most of the food/drinks sold are far too overpriced.  Do you like the idea of your son/daughter eating a greasy slice of pizza, rice crispy treats, a large slushie, and four cookies for lunch everyday?  All of that added together would equal about $5.00 or more a day.  That’s $25 a week.  Just to escape lunch-line food that is served every day.

I’m not so willing to spend $25 a week on food, when the school food is offered free of charge.  If only the majority of school food was actually edible, it would be a win-win situation. .

What are your thoughts on school food?  What is a normal meal for you at school?

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