Foul, Nasty School Lunch!

A closer look at what school children are eating!


Today’s breakfast menu: Breakfast pizza, grits, grape juice, and milk.

Breakfast pizza again. At least they finally realized that a single breakfast pizza isn’t a meal and added grits.. Overall rating: 5


Today’s lunch menu: Chicken strips, wheat roll, juice, and/or milk.

FINALLY! I’ve been waiting SO long for our school to offer juice at lunch instead of just milk everyday. It was refreshing to have orange juice today instead of the same ol’ chocolate milk. The chicken strips were good also, much better then the chicken nuggets.  The whole wheat roll was good also. Overall rating: 7


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 Today’s breakfast menu: Cinnamon roll, fresh fruit cup, orange juice, and milk.

The cinnamon roll was very good! It wasn’t small, hard, and it actually had icing on it. Overall rating: 7

Today’s lunch menu: Bosco sticks (cheese-filled bread rolls), marinara sauce, fresh fruit cup, and milk.

Everyone at school loves Bosco stick day. They are basically cheese-filled bread sticks, and they come with marinara sauce. It’s a nice break from normal school food. Overall rating: 6

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