Foul, Nasty School Lunch!

A closer look at what school children are eating!


Today’s breakfast menu: breakfast pizza, blueberry cup, and milk.

I find the idea of a breakfast pizza rather odd.  Especially since it’s on a bagel… but students seem to like it.  I think it’s too greasy.  And this was the first time I’ve ever tried blueberries, and they were so sour!  I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be sweet.  The milk was weird  tasting, but it always tastes strange to me.  Overall, this breakfast isn’t that great.  It’s not filling, and eating all that grease in the morning is gross and unhealthy. Overall rating: 4

Today’s lunch menu: spaghetti with meat sauce, fresh “side salad”, fresh fruit (cinnamon apples), garlic bread, and milk.

Surprisingly, this lunch was actually normal-sized, and seemed pretty filling.  I’m not the biggest fan of spaghetti, but I managed to eat enough to put on the garlic bread.  I didn’t eat the apples, or the “fresh side salad” aka lettuce with ranch dressing.  A friend of mine said he kept finding crunchy things in the apples.  Hmm.  Pictured below is the “salad” served.  Overall rating: 6

March 24, 2010 - Posted by | Breakfast, Lunch

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  1. Wow I am impressed your school has fresh blueberries! I don’t think I have ever seen that. I work in a small parochial school as a lunch lady and I see a lot of that “salad” so much so I can not tolerate ranch dressing at all.

    I am surprised your apples are not halved. I would think a lot of kids would be throwing away whole apples. We always halve ours but we also only give half.

    I really wish everyone out there was doing what you are doing! wish I had some idea what part of the country you are in.

    Comment by Marion | May 12, 2010 | Reply

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